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Happy 1st Birthday Before the Chorus!

Since this is a blog post, I'm gonna let myself be sentimental/ proud here. I'll save the short caption for Instagram.

Happy birthday to my first solo endeavour. I am so proud of what this thing is becoming, & I love making it very, very much.

This project came to fruition after 3 years of being a professional music interviewer. I've interviewed countless artists across genres for my old university radio show, my current Amazing Radio show, & other great projects that I had the pleasure of being involved in. While I've loved working on all of these, I was limited to 10/15 minutes an interview; I couldn't make the long-form, deep-dive content that I wanted to. So after years of working hard & building my network, I had the tools to start something on my own - enter Before the Chorus.

Lucky for me, my network has supported me throughout the process, & it is extremely validating. Being a team of one, with no brand or production company backing me, means that I have to rely solely on my name & my work. Yet somehow, I've had acts as big as Glass Animals and clipping. on as guests. Knowing that people in my industry trust my work that much, that they don't need someone else's clout to back me up, means the world. It tells me that I've got something good here, that I can be successful; It tells me that I shouldn't stop any time soon.

So to them & to all of you who have come along for the ride, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot wait to share more with you.

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